By bike

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Families, couples, individuals, recreational cyclists, those more prepared and with a desire for more (mountain) challenges at your own pace, ride your bike through the hilly landscape of the Sava River valley. Explore the rich cultural heritage, admire nature and reward yourself with beautiful views. Sevnica and its surroundings can be discovered on official cycle paths of various levels of difficulty, which are suitable for a pleasant family trip or a more demanding adventure tour.

You can get to the starting points by train (Loka pri Zidanim Mostu, Breg, Sevnica, and Blanca). Competitive cyclists, fans of mountain biking (Lisca), and downhill enthusiasts are also welcome here. On the outskirts of the city, there is a pump track, which at almost 1000 km2 offers the opportunity to develop general motor skills and bicycle skills.

More cycling routes can be found at At our tourist information center, we will be happy to share with you the most reliable and interesting ideas for your experience of cycling through Sevnica and the Posavje Region.


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Breathe in the fresh air and feel the pulse of the Posavje hills and countryside. The hilly landscapes on both sides of the Sava River are interspersed with many trails of varying difficulty, which are calling for you to discover them. Follow the marked hiking trails to explore the hills, which have a long tradition in Sevnica.

This tradition is closely connected with Lisca (948 m), one of the hills in Posavje with the most beautiful views. Several marked mountain trails lead to the top of Lisca, including a via ferrata that leads up its southern side. In addition to Veliko Kozje (993 m), Lovrenc (459 m) and Ješivec, Lisca is one of the peaks in the municipality of Sevnica, which are connected between Kum and Bohor by the Zasavje mountain trail.

For nature walk enthusiasts, there are many hiking trails that offer beautiful views, as well as cultural and natural beauty combined in themed hiking trails.

Find out more about mountaineering and hiking at At our tourist information center, we will be happy to share with you other information and maps of hiking trails in the municipality of Sevnica and invite you to the Posavje Hiking Festival, organized hikes, themed trail events, and the Sevnica Mountain Marathon.

Horseback Riding

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The most authentic and exciting exploration of the natural beauties of Sevnica awaits you on horse saddle. Explore the secrets of the local forests, meadows, and pastures, take a cart track to the Ajdovski Gradec archaeological park, and ride up to the castle gates, like the nobles of Sevnica used to do. Your experience will be even richer because of these wonderful animals.

Every year in the late spring, the Šentjanž Society of Horse Breeders and Equestrianism Enthusiasts (Društvo rejcev in ljubiteljev konj Šentjanž) organizes a horse riding expedition, which is a real adventure. Accompanied by experienced guides, you can experience Sevnica on horseback also on other days of the year.

More information can be found at, at the Šentjanž Society of Horse Breeders and Equestrianism Enthusiasts, or at the Association of Horse Breeders and Horseback Riders of Sevnica. We will also be happy to help you with additional information at our tourist information center.

Sava River

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In ancient times, the Sava River used to be one of the most important transport and connecting routes of Slovenia. It is a habitat for many animal and plant species, and it makes Sevnica a very popular tourist destination. Today, in the lower reaches, the Sava River boasts one of the longest, most beautiful, and richest fishing routes, in Europe. With the construction of a hydroelectric power plant and reservoirs, it once again offers the opportunity for navigation and exercise on the water. Let this longest Slovenian river impress you as well. More information about fishing on the Sava and Mirna rivers and ponds in the municipality of Sevnica can be found at, and more about sailing at

From The Air

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Almost everyone of us has wanted to fly freely like a bird at least once in their life. The wind in your hair and under your feet only a wide open view of the Sava River valley, hills, orchards, fields and meadows, here and there a small village, and a church on a hill. Seing Sevnica from the air is a very special experience that will not disappoint you. At least if you are not afraid of heights.

Lisca, with its geographical location and favorable climate, has been attracting fans of paragliding and hang-gliding since the early 90s. Three launch spots at the peak of Lisca offer the possibility of flying for beginners and for those more experienced. More info at or contact the Noj Paragliding Association Sevnica (Društvo jadralnih padalcev Noj).