Policy of personal data protection KŠTM Sevnica


Mission of KŠTM Sevnica is organization, development, and promotion of activities in the field of culture, sport, tourism, and youth activities in the municipality of Sevnica, and thus contributing to the best possible recognition of our municipality.

The right to privacy is one of the most important human rights. At KŠTM Sevnica, we are aware of this and respect the privacy of our employees and participants, and visitors of our events and all the people we come in contact with; therefore, we act responsibly and carefully with their personal data, and in accordance with the regulations in force, with our internal acts, while appropriate organizational and technical measures ensure an adequate level of personal data security.



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Email address: info@kstm.si
Website address: www.kstm.si


KŠTM Sevnica has an authorized person for personal data protection, who can be accessed by e-mail at info@kstm.si, or by sending a letter to KŠTM Sevnica, Glavni trg 19, 8290 Sevnica, with "personal data” post note. Information about the contact person is also published on the KŠTM Sevnica website.

Data subjects shall have the right to contact the data protection officer on all issues related to the processing of the data subject’s data and to request exercising the rights under the applicable rules governing the protection of personal data. 


Personal data of individuals are also processed within the framework and for IMPLEMENTING CONTRACTS, such as, for example, a contract on business cooperation, a contract for the supply ofgoods and services, a contract of use of facilities, and others. In the context of the execution ofcontractual rights and the fulfilment of contractual obligations, we process your personal informationfor the following purposes: preparation of a tender, conclusion of a contract, provision of subscribedservices, notification of any changes, additional details and instructions for the use of services, billingof services and other purposes necessary for implementation or making a contractual relationship.For performing contracts, we process personal data, such as name, surname, e-mail address, andother contact details, as well as data necessary for the performance of our services (e.g. tax number).Based on the contractual legal basis, personal data is also processed to the extent necessary for thepurpose of concluding contracts, in the negotiation phase, upon receiving a tender or upon individualdemand.

In certain cases, individuals are also asked to submit a CONSENT to processing of their personal data,especially for the purpose of informing the by e-mail of events in the municipality of Sevnica, and forthe purpose of sending the newsletter Grajske novice outside our municipality. In these cases,processing of personal data, such as name, surname, address, and e-mail address, takes place in thecontext of an individual's statement of the permissible scope of personal data, purpose, and agreedcommunication channels, until its cancellation. 

Personal data is processed for the purpose of COMPLETING THE LEGAL OBLIGATION, for example, onthe basis of the Employment Relations Act, for the purpose of exercising rights and obligations arisingfrom an employment relationship, and on the basis of other regulations that require us to provide, incertain cases, personal data of individuals to state authorities and other operators to fulfil their legalobligations or responsibilities. On this basis, we process those personal data and for those purposes,as imposed by our current regulations.

We may process your personal information on the basis of a LEGITIMATE INTEREST for which weendeavour to act as an operator and which is determined for your benefit, always weighing yourinterest in such processing, except when such interests override the interests and fundamental rightsand freedoms of the individual to whom personal data relate to and which require protection ofpersonal data. In accordance with the current rules on the protection of personal data, directmarketing also belongs to legitimate interests. KŠTM Sevnica uses only the following personal data for thepurpose of direct marketing: name, surname, address, and e-mail. As a data subject, you have theright to object to such processing at any time. Direct marketing is used as a form of communicationwith citizens and other interested persons, in which our present and potential visitors, participants inevents and others who come and who want to stay in touch with us send messages and informationabout our offer, using contact information that we obtained them in the context of the lawfulconduct of our activity or from publicly available sources and which is carried out in our legitimateinterest. Personal data of individuals will be processed at KŠTM Sevnica to the extent necessary forachieving the purposes of processing and only as long as this is necessary to achieve the desired goal.We process personal data until the purpose for which they were collected, or until you oppose to thisprocess. 

Based on your personal information, automated decision-making or profiling is not carried out.


KŠTM Sevnica manages facilities that are extremely important for the cultural heritage of ourmunicipality or that serve visitors for recreational and leisure activities. To enable all visitors to enjoyunhindered enjoyment of these facilities, we are conducting video surveillance for their safety. Thevideo surveillance is carried out at the Sevnica Castle, Sevnica Sport Center, Sevnica Sports Hall andthe Sevnica Swimming Pool. In all locations, where video surveillance is performed, visitors arefamiliar with this, as well as with the video provider and its contact details.


The information is transmitted to other users, if this is imposed by the law, if there is a legitimateinterest in it or if we have your consent for it. 


On our behalf and for our account, personal data may also be processed by processors, such ascompanies that provide technical support for the processing of personal data, such as our databasemaintainers, web site maintainers, and other processors who engage in the provision of servicesnecessary for the performance of contracts. Insofar as we confide processing of your personal data tosuch external processors, we have concluded an appropriate written agreement on the processing ofpersonal data, or in substance the same arrangement, or other binding document.


We do not disclose your personal information and transfer it to an organization or companies thatwould be established outside the European Union and thus data will not be transferred to thirdcountries. 


By written request, sent to KŠTM Sevnica, Glavni trg 19, 8290 Sevnica, with "personal data" postscriptor emailed to info@kstm.si, you can request:

  • access to your personal information collected in connection with you; 

  • correction of incorrect data collected in connection with you;

  • limitation of processing of personal data; 

  • deletion of all data if the conditions set out in Article 17 of the GDPR Regulation are met, or 

  • object to processing.

We will respond to your request without undue delay and no later than one month from receivingthe request. This deadline may be extended, if necessary, by up to two additional months,considering the complexity and number of requests. In this case, we will inform the data subjectabout any such extension within one month after receiving the request together with the reasons forthe delay.

Individuals can cancel consent to processing of personal data at any time, permanently ortemporarily, in whole or in part, by written request, sent to KŠTM Sevnica, Glavni trg 19, 8290Sevnica, with "personal data" postscript or emailed to info@kstm.si.

The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before itswithdrawal.

An individual has the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic ofSlovenia (Information Commissioner, Zaloška cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, e-mail: gp.ip@iprs.si) if he/she considers that his/her personal data is processed in violation of the rules governingthe protection of personal data.


Personal data of individuals will be processed at KŠTM Sevnica to the extent necessary for achievingthe purposes of processing and only as long as this is necessary to achieve the desired goal.

Personal data is thus processed until the purpose for which it was collected is fulfilled within thelimitation periods for liabilities that could arise from the processing of such personal data, when theprocessing of personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract, or within the time limitsdetermined by regulations. If personal data are processed based on consent, they are kept untilcancellation. After this period, the data is deleted, destroyed, or anonymised. 


Changes to the Privacy Policy are published on the website www.kstm.si and are used in the changedcontent from the date of publication.