Sevnica: Our municipality, our town

The vast landscape meanders on both banks of the Sava river valley, the longest Slovenian river. Next to it lie a variety of beautifully landscaped local centers. We are the 12th largest Slovenian municipality with 17,500 citizens. Sevnica town has approximately 5000 inhabitants. We stand out with an ordered public infrastructure and a high level of public services and jobs, both allowing safety and well-being. Through prudent use of European funds and state and municipal investments in road, communal and social infrastructure, the image of the area vastly improved in the past decade. Nearly all the land is connected by an optical network.

Our municipality is kind to the young and elderly, children and families. Well-maintained public spaces, an abundance of playgrounds and a park along the Sava River offer opportunities for leisure activities in the open, while well-maintained multi-purpose sports and other public buildings offer such opportunities all year long. By eliminating architectural obstacles, we are friendly to young mothers and daddies and all those that benefit from ease of movement. 

In 2017, the municipality of Sevnica became the proud bearer of the title of the safest municipality in the category of small and medium-sized cities. Traditional events keep the town alive all year long: annual salami and blue franconian festivals, the Sevnica Castle Festival, the student Vejžde party, Kitarijada and others. The events are enriched by numerous societies – volunteering and creativity go hand in hand. Are you curious? We invite you over to quench your curiosity.