Sevnica Premium

“It’s homemade, it’s authentic, it’s ours. The collective brand of the municipality of Sevnica offers only the best: Gastronomic delicacies and handicrafts, which are a reflection of knowledge, experience, and genuine contact with our homeland. It is the work of people who carry the heritage of these parts within themselves and proudly share it with the world.”

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What is Sevnica Premium?

The Sevnica Premium certificate guarantees originality by geographical origin. Gastronomic delicacies and handicrafts are certified according to strict criteria and standards that take into account tradition, heritage and local ingredients. The owner of the Collective Brand of the Municipality of Sevnica is the Municipality of Sevnica, and the Public Institute KŠTM oversees its image and development.

Homemade, authentic, by us.

Sevnica Breakfast

The Ajda Restaurant at the Ajdovec Hotel serves a buffet breakfast made from the best local products, certified Sevnica Premium. The restaurant’s chefs prepare breakfast/brunch dishes from selected ingredients, respecting tradition and heritage. Everything is local: bread, Sevnica salami and ham, excellent cheeses, yoghurts and milk, Sevnica granola, honey and seasonal fruit, apple juice and even sparkling wine. You will get to know some of the producers as they serve you their delicacies, which are also available for purchase.

For the curious and Royal menu at Repovž

Welcome to the Royal Pampering. In a family-run restaurant with a long tradition that prides itself on local ingredients from its own fields and local growers, you will be served a royal dinner with more than ten stunning dishes that represent the family’s character and creativity. If you are not sure you can cope with so many delights, you can opt for the Gourmet Break instead, which consists of a five-course dinner. To ensure that you can enjoy the delicacies and the wine in a truly relaxing atmosphere, the package also includes accommodation and a sumptuous Dolenjska breakfast. After breakfast, we suggest a walk in the surrounding area, for example to the mining-themed TK Pav hiking trail hidden away in the beautiful countryside.

Gabaroni experience: Become a Pasta Master

Ever wanted to make perfect pasta? Nothing could be easier – visit the Gabaroni workshop. In two hours, you will learn lots of tricks and rules for cooking pasta, and you will also get some new recipe ideas. You will learn from those who have honed their pasta skills to perfection. Meet the Gabaroni home chef and work together to prepare and taste Gabaroni pasta dishes. Take a look behind the scenes and see where and how their pasta is made. In short, you will go home full of food and full of knowledge.

Night tour of Sevnica Castle and meeting Countess Mathilde

You will have a wonderful experience every time you visit Sevnica Castle. But if you arrive at dusk, when the castle is lit by candles and you explore its rooms with a lantern – that is a memory you will cherish forever. As you explore the castle, you will meet its last owner, Countess Mathilde Arco Zinneberg, who wanders the rooms in the evening. The Countess will regale you with her life story full of drama and love, worthy of a novel. A night tour of the castle is a great way to spend a romantic date, or it can be a wonderful anniversary gift.

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