Ajdovski gradec

The archaeological site Ajdovski gradec is one of the most researched villages from the time of migrations in the 5th and 6th century AD in this part of Europe. It is one of the largest early Christian centers in the area of the Alps and one of the most researched late Antique mountain settlements in Slovenia. We can compare it to settlements such as Rifnik pri Šentjurju, Ajdna nad Potoki and Korinjski hrib nad Velikim Korinjem. Together with these it is the last messenger of the Roman civilization on Slovenian territory.

In addition to the exciting history of the archeological park we offer modern content to modern visitors that attractively presents the lives of courtiers in the time of the settlement. It is not just bare walls and ruins, there is a lot going on here. 

Ajdovski gradec has guided tours for groups, animated tours for children, and experimental archaeological workshops for all those that want to experience how life was lived in this area and what they were up to in an authentic way. Both old and young enjoy our programs, because you can ground flour on the hand mill, mix wool with an iron comb, weave on looms, sign your name on a wax tablet with a stylus and much more… Or you can meet Krjavlj and his goat, the forest man and the household of Muca Copatarica and its most famous resident. Because an empty sack does not stand upright and serious archaeological work may be tiring, we can rest and recover at one of the nearby neighborhood’s tourist farms. 

The exhibition of the Ajdovski gradec models and replicas of original objects found in this settlement may be viewed at Sevnica Castle.