Vast landscapes, beautiful local centers, cultural and natural beauties. The eye rests on the views of the beautiful vast landscapes. 

The most beautiful view of the town Sevnica is from the mighty castle above the old town; the Sevnica Castle. It is the cultural and social heart of the municipality – its pride and the place where the most beautiful castle weddings occur. The hills are adorned by many churches and centers by monuments and columns. Archeology enthusiasts find the walk to the mysterious archaeological site Ajdovski gradec particularly interesting. 

As part of Nature 2000 the Sevnica municipality is a paradise for science lovers. Especially celebrated are two indigenous flowers: the yellow Rhododendron (Rhododendronluteum) is a European botanical rarity and grows and blooms in May above Boštanj, when the dotted gentian (Gentiana Clusii) adorns the meadows of Lovrenc in royal blue. 

The accommodation facilities are especially tempting, including tourist farms and cottages. From the yield of many vineyards unique wines are made; from light and fresh whites and reds, “Cviček” and blue franconian to unique sparkling wines.

In the basket of local delicacies are homemade salami, a wide variety of bakery products, homemade milk and honey. In the town center, there is a farmers market where one can find a variety of homemade delicacies. 

Restaurants and farm tourism offers top gastronomic experiences for all tastes and numerous bistros, bars and other purveyors of drink also offer relaxation and rest with a good cup of coffee.