Bowling DeLuxe

Encounter the unique entertainment and sports, competitive and enjoyable recreational experience in BowlingDeLuxe! Six computer guided lanes offer all of this with their modern equipment at the scoring area and maintained quality programs. The course is suitable for professional players, amateurs and those encountering the game for the first time. Our friendly staff can also offer useful advice on how to bowl like a pro.

Bring family, friends or coworkers on a day of fun at the modern interactive bowling center. BowlingDeLuxe is a unique and exciting venue for various events: for quick enjoyment, chatting, friendly gatherings, celebrating, meeting coworkers, family adventures, observing competitions, musical entertainment and an animation program. For all of this you can find your own space in the room for 40 people or at the winter terrace for 20. Or you can comfortably sit on the sofas and enjoy the cosmic ambient of bowling. 

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Bowling DeLuxe

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