Cycling through Sevnica

Cycling is an increasingly more popular form of recreation, the bike and activity also friendly to nature. You can bring your bike to Sevnica on a train, because all four train stations on the Ljubljana-Zagreb line offer excellent starting points for a cycling trip. The train stations in Loka pri Zidanem Mostu, Breg, Sevnica and Blanca are all located along the Sava River and at the same time close to tidy cycling paths on the river embankment. 

The Sava river embankments and its reservoirs all have tidy cycling paths, suitable for all bikers, especially for families with children and those wanting a few hours of undemanding cycling along the tidy Sava cycling path. For those who would also like to see the town of Sevnica, its castle, and Boštanj, we also supplemented the basic path and connected it to a circular path named Sevniški cokelj (Sevnica’s clog); the path is 21.9 kilometers long.

Sevniški cokelj is one of the many cycling paths which offer biking joys and one of the six that Sevnica prepared in the cross-border project IPA – Ride & Bike

All paths are thematically rounded up and each visits places with the same story. Thus cycling tours named Grajske legend (Castle Legends), Puntarska sled (Rebel’s Trail), Po sledeh kavsarjev (On the trails of the kavsars), Potep po dolenjskih gričih (Wandering Across Lower Carioniola’s Hills) and Sevniška klobasa (The Sevnica Sausage) were made. The latter is, unlike other tours, meant for cyclers with more stamina and offers, for the price of conquering altitude, spectacular views and adrenaline pleasures. Detailed descriptions of all six paths with technical data and the descriptions of some other paths in Posavje can be found on the website

Sevnica’s cycling society (Kolesarsko društvo Sevnica) is one of the most active clubs around. In its ranks it combines talents of competitive cycling, fans of mountain-biking and descent (down-hill) biking as well as all other lovers of cycling as an active leisure activity.

 At the initiative of cyclers a polygon was made at the edge of the Sevnica town for mountain bike riding named Pump track with almost 1000 square meters, which offers possibilities for developing general cycling kinesiology and bike control skills. 

The cycling society annually organizes various cycling events. To test stamina and muscle strength you have to compete in the game Skok na Lisco (Jump to Lisca) and for slightly less robust cyclers there are Sevniški marathon (Sevnica marathon), 24 ur Lisce (24 hours of Lisca), Od zore do mraka (From Dawn to Dusk) or Ob Savi preko Sotle (By Sava Across Sotla). Find out more at