The railway was built through the town in 1862 and the railway station, built outside of the market square due to lack of space, became the beginning of the new part of town and thus industry, even before the First World War.

Sevnica began developing industrially at the beginning of the 20th century. It had two plants even before the First World War, a hooves factory and a steam sawmill. 

Between the two world wars Sevnica was already the most developed area in Posavje, another major labor center being Krmelj with the first brown coal mine. 

During World War II, the area was included in Hitler’s migration program, so this period left deep and painful marks on its people. 

Sevnica became a town in 1952. The town with its approximately 5000 people is the industrial, craft, commercial, cultural and administrative center of the municipality with an extensive hinterland. The area’s name and municipality are being carried into the world by successful, traditional Sevnica based companies of which we are very proud. Sevnica is the center of the municipality even in the commerce and craft sense. 

The industry of the beautiful is at home in Sevnica. We design the most beautiful bathing suits and lingerie, elegant and classic furniture, high quality and comfortable shoes. Besides those, the woodworking, metalworking, textile and chemical industry dominate. 

Agriculture is an important industry. The regional mosaic consists of cultivated fields, pastures, orchards and vineyards. Farmers are connected by the Sevnica Agricultural Cooperative.