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The Forest is Culture Thematic Trail

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On the 800-meter-long The Forest is Culture thematic trail around Sevnica Castle, you will learn about the biodiversity of 36 tree species, the soil profile of the forest, grapevines, a castle park with trees over two hundred years old, the castle beehive, talk on the forest phone, and taste what happens when the green parts of plants, water, carbon dioxide and sunlight join forces. You will realize that the forest really is culture. Even more than that. Let it seduce you with its greatness.

Walking the Forest is Culture thematic trail with a nature guide lasts about 1.5 hours. The price, which includes the organization of the program, professional guidance, and a sweet surprise, is 98 € per group of 15–25 people, but you can also go explore it on your own. We will be happy to share more information with you at our tourist information center and at Sevnica Castle.

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Jurko Educational Trail

From the slopes of Lisca, you set off on a light 2.2-kilometer-long educational trail, named after the teacher from Razbor, Blaž Jurek, who initiated the construction of the first mountain lodge on Lisca, which still bears his name today. On a varied route with slight ascents and descents, you get to know the biodiversity of Lisca and its inhabitants: insects, other pollinators, various species of birds and animals, trees, shrubs, and medicinal herbs. You will also be impressed by the exceptional view of a large part of Slovenia and even neighboring Croatia.

To make the experience complete, treat yourself to homemade herbal tea and the local specialty Jurkov praženjak (a type of schmarn) at Tončkov dom na Lisci.Our local tourist guides and nature interpreters are at your disposal for an even greater experience on Lisca and the Jurko Educational Trail. We will be happy to give you more information at our tourist information center.

TK Pav Thematic Trail

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Coal mining had a large impact on the towns of Šentjanž and Krmelj throughout history. In the best of times between 1941 and 1962, the coal mine employed as many as 700 workers. Mining not only marked the way of life of the locals, but also strongly influenced the image of the cultural landscape, which, even today, proves that coal miners lived in these places not that long ago.

The TK Pav thematic mining trail starts in Šentjanž, from where you walk along the paths marked by signposts, past Douglas’ Fir to the pond called Črna Mlaka, which lies in the middle of a primary forest and appeared in the area of the open-pit mine, past the cable car, with which they used to transport coal to the Hinja River, and finish the route in Krmelj. The Šentjanž Tourist Association is responsible for the TK Pav thematic trail and you can find out more about it at our tourist information center.