Green Destination Sevnica under the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

In line with all its sustainability efforts, in 2018, the municipality of Sevnica was awarded the Slovenia Green Destination silver label. The silver label is a confirmation that Sevnica is a destination that is friendly to tourism, the environment, visitors, and tourists.

What is the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism?

It is a comprehensive national system designed to promote the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia on all pillars of sustainable development, environmental, social, and economic. The scheme, which is owned by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), is aimed at destinations (usually one or, in some cases, several municipalities are presented together as a destination), as well as tourist accommodation providers, parks, and tourist agencies.

The green group for the Slovenia Green Destination silver label included representatives of KŠTM Sevnica and Doživljaj Posavje Tourist Agency, the Municipality of Sevnica, and the public company Komunala d.o.o. Sevnica and the Sevnica Municipality Tourist Board, as well as the Slovenia Forest Service, Kozjansko Regional Park, and the Celje regional unit of the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation. Through various activities, data on the sustainability of tourism development in Sevnica was collected and the importance of sustainable tourism was raised among the local population, the economy, visitors, and other stakeholders.

Today, Slovenia has a total of 37 destinations, 23 accommodation providers, three nature parks, and two agencies that are committed to a green strategy and boast the Slovenia Green label.

To date, the Slovenia Green label has been awarded to:

  • 59 tourist destinations,

  • 72 accommodation providers,

  • 4 nature parks,

  • 8 tourist agencies,

  • 4 tourist attractions,

  • 12 restaurants, and

  • 1 beach.

The locations can be found on the interactive map, and Slovenia's green story is presented on

 Brief report - Green destination Sevnica