Gostišče Dolinšek

Guesthouse Dolinšek (Gostišče Dolinšek) is located in Vrh pri Boštanju, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding forests, meadows and vineyards. The meals here will satisfy every foodie with home-cooked dishes as well as a more sophisticated and modern cuisine, including cured meats, pork products (koline) and apple strudel made from sevniška voščenka, an old local apple variety. Culinary evenings, tastings, catering, and celebrations for special occasions take place in a smaller dining area with 45 seats, a larger area with 160 seats, or on an outdoor terrace with 50 seats and a nice view. Gostišče Dolinšek also holds the Gostilna Slovenija title, a collective brand name of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.


Martin Dolinšek, s. p.
Vrh pri Boštanju 23
8294 Boštanj

Open hours

Monday to Thursday: 10:00–22:00
Friday to Sunday: 10:00–24:00