Gostišče Majcen - Ulčnik

Guesthouse Majcen – Ulčnik (Gostišče Majcen – Ulčnik) is a family business with a long-standing tradition. It is located near the Tržišče railway station, along the road between Sevnica and Mokronog. Its regular menu mainly consists of home-made Slovene dishes prepared according to old recipes and with home-grown and locally produced ingredients, while the chefs have been increasingly adopting novel, modern cooking techniques, giving these dishes a more modern flavour. Guesthouse Majcen can seat up to 100 guests and also provides overnight accommodation for several persons, serving an authentic Slovene breakfast in the morning.


Gostišče Majcen
Vrhek 7,
8295 Tržišče

Open hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 09:00–22:00
Monday: closed