Jurkova koča na Lisci

The first lodge on Lisca Hill was built in 1902 by a school master from Razbor named Blaž Jurko. It was the fifth lodge owned by the Alpine Association of Slovenia. The lodge was burned down in the year before the end of World War II and rebuilt as early as 1948 by hikers and thoroughly renovated in 1972. It also underwent a major renovation for its 100th anniversary in 2002. On the ground floor of Jurko Lodge (Jurkova koča), there is a kitchen (with stove and fridge), and a common area with a fireplace and 20 seats. Upstairs, there are 27 beds with two shared restrooms, while the washroom and shower are located on the ground floor. The lodge is open and available for rent/use by arrangement with Darinka Avguštin (contact at +386 41 481 697 or pdlisca@siol.net).


Jurkova koča na Lisci
Podgorica 37
8290 Sevnica

Open hours

By appointment.