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Lisca is a natural and tourist pearl of Sevnica and the Posavje region and is at 948 meters of height an exceptional location for relaxation and feeling unspoiled nature. Due to its accessibility, tidiness and rich content it is very popular among local residents as well as tourists from near and far. With its highland climate, natural features and wonderful view it charms and attracts many hikers, climbers, bikers, paragliders, riders and nature lovers.

The excursion point attracts during all seasons, especially during well-attended sports, cultural and other traditional events. The heart and tourist pulse of Lisca is Tončkov dom, owned by the Sevnica municipality. The lodger takes care of a wide gastronomic offer and rich accompanying contents, as well as offering accommodation.

Its various natural conditions are suitable for educational purposes. Lisca boasts a diverse botany, rich fauna and offers exciting and attractive opportunities for research in the field of astronomy and stargazing. 

During good weather conditions the summit offers a beautiful view of the wider part of Slovenia, from the wide Sava river valley up to Snežnik, Sleme, Triglav, Pohorje, Peca, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and other places. Lisca has a weather bureau and wetlands. 

Lisca is a place for recreational activities. There are many hiking, climbing and walking paths leading up the hill, and it is very popular for bikers and paragliders. Various sports activities can be undertaken on the Frisbee polygon and football, handball, volleyball and basketball playgrounds. 

The broader region of Lisca is also interesting. Protected gentian – Gentiana Clusii – grows at nearby Lovrenc. There are farms in the vicinity, where one can view demonstrations of old crafts (cooperage) or can get acquainted with food production or animal husbandry. In the nearby Jurklošter visitors can visit the monastery, and Sevnica, the town center of the municipality with all institutors, is not far away either.