Sevnica Castle

Sevnica Castle is located on a hill above the old town center of Sevnica. Where the current castle stands once stood a castle that was probably built in the first half of the 12th century. It was first mentioned in writing in 1309 as castellumLiechtenwalde. During the Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt in 1573 it, unlike many other castles, avoided destruction. It was probably during this time that the Lutheran cellar was built on its slope. It was allegedly occasionally visited by Jurij Dalmatin (c. 1547-1589), who was the first that translated the entire Bible into Slovene. The cellar later became the tomb of some Sevnica lords. Now there are musical concerts and other events held in its acoustic space.

In recent years, the castle and its surroundings underwent many renovations, so the castle and the old town center underneath represent a magnificent medieval panorama. Sevnica Castle is the central cultural, historical, political and ceremonial object in Sevnica, while also being the center of cultural events.

Sevnica Castle offers unique experiences for all ages. 

Castle Sevnica Offers

Guided tours of the castle

Promotional videos: demo movies: history of Sevnica, the castle and the famous archaeological park Ajdovski gradec,

exhibition and entertainment facilities: Baroque longue, corridors and tower with frescoes, wedding and conference hall, school collection, firefighter collection, a collection of the exiles of the Sevnica municipality, castle chapel, collection of Ivan Razboršek’s ornamental art, the collection ‘Ogled’ by Rudi Stopar, the collection ‘Kamni govorijo’ (Stones speak), castle puppet theater, occasional artist exhibitions. After a guided tour of the castle interior, you can also visit the castle park with the villa and castle vineyard with blaufrankisch vines, as well as the famous Lutheran cellar on the east slope of the castle, then you can relax at a wine-tasting in the castle wine cellar and drinks or desserts of the castle café or the terrace in front of the castle, which offers a magnificent view of the Sevnica old town center and the valley of the Sava river. You can also walk along the castle park with its mighty trees marked with signs, which also mark energy points, where you can recharge with strong earth energy.

Castle Puppet Theatre Sevnica:

puppet and creative workshops and animations, puppet shows, shows for children. 

Castle vineyard

500 blaufrankisch vines grow on the castle slopes. We offer the chance to sponsor a vine – as its godparent you are involved in the trimming and harvest with a feast and cultural program, you receive a bottle of Castle Blood, a gift and the possibility of a more affordable use of the castle winery.

Castle winery:

a wide selection of wines and snacks, guided tasting and the purchase of select wines and meats, the rent of banquets, meetings and other opportunities.

Castle shop:

in the castle’s reception area there is a castle shop with a wide selection of useful products (and mementoes) and products from the Visit Sevnica brand (shirts, hats, magnets, postcards… ), and select items from the First Lady brand (blaufrankisch wine, salami, chocolates, pralines, beauty creams, teas, unique cups, etc.).

The Lord’s Daughter café

offers of excellent coffee, beer, wine, desserts and other.

Castle park:

reconstructed Renaissance-Baroque style park with walking paths, stone sculptures, marked energy points and mighty trees.

Castle weddings:

grand wedding ceremonies, in the warmer months the most beautiful ones are held in the castle park.

Children’s programs:

through special stories and games, children are presented with Sevnica castle life in the 17th century, when the castle was inhabited by the baron Moscon and his entourage: animated tours with baron Moscon and his entourage, puppet and creative workshops, castle games, Primož Trubar study lessons and other.


the castle is the venue for various cultural events all year round: traditional Radogost evenings every first Wednesday of the month and the openings of exhibitions satisfy art lovers, while in the summer the series of events Sevnica Castle Summer with concerts, performances, games and other cultural events enrich the local’s and guest’s everyday life.

Castle feasts: a unique experience where you eat with your hands, there are no tablecloths on the tables, you drink from clay cups and only candles light the night. Even the table etiquette befits the era from centuries ago, so everything is allowed, even things not befitting today’s manners.

Conference tourism:The possibility of renting rooms equipped with technical equipment for meetings, conferences, lectures, concerts etc. When renting the rooms, we offer excellent local cuisine and different feasts (from meats, snacks to more substantial catering, lunches, dinners etc.).

Motorhome parking

there is a free motorhome (PZA) parking on the designated and easily accessed parking area under the castle with all the necessary infrastructure – electrical connections with external outlets, water and sewer connections (the release of faeces).

Open hours:

from 1st APRIL to 31st OCTOBER:

MONDAY | guided tour or purchase of products is possible for groups

of more than 10 people upon prior announcement by telephone no.

051 680 289 at least 1 day before sightseeing)

TUESDAY - FRIDAY | 12.00 - 18.00


from 1st NOVEMBER to 31st MARCH:

MONDAY-THURSDAY | guided tour or purchase of products is

possible for groups of more than 10 people upon prior

announcement by telephone no. 051 680 289 at least 1 day

before the tour)

FRIDAY | 15.00 - 18.00


A tour of the castle interior is possible only with a tourist guide. ˝

Photographs inside the castle are not allowed or are allowed only for pre-agreed

purposes with the consent of the manager, KSTM Sevnica!

Sevnica Castle is equipped with:

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