Tončkov dom na Lisci

Tonček Lodge (Tončkov Dom) is located on the highest peak of the Sava Hills – Lisca (948 m). At this popular hiking and excursion stop, you can replenish yourself with soups and stews, traditional home-made štruklji, and other home-baked bread. In summer, the menu also includes grilled dishes and a variety of pork products (koline) in winter. The speciality of the house at Tonček Lodge is mushroom soup with ajdovi žganci (buckwheat spoonbread). You can also choose between 21 types of crepes, home-grown herbal tea, and the local speciality Jurkov praženjak (a type of schmarn). The lodge’s capacities include 90 seats in three dining areas and a large terrace overlooking the Sava River Valley, 16 rooms with 45 beds, a playground, a basketball and football court, a paragliding launch site, and several picnic spots.


Tomaž Rantah s.p.